My Morning Vow

Last night I watched Nicholas Cage in SEASON OF THE WITCH which has a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 10% Fresh (ie, 90% of the critics hated it) but honestly it sustained my interest (while playing scrabble on my iphone) far more than MELANCHOLIA, the latest from Lars Von Trier which I couldn’t even get through.  However outlandish, please give me some plot and some swordplay with a little magic throw in and I’m fine, thank you!
I don’t think there’s a direct connection but lately every day I wake up and say aloud “I really should start my juice cleanse today.”
And then I remember that I have dinner plans already and that it just seems way to over-the-top to meet people for dinner but only be juicing (FYI, if you’ve read my unauthorized bio on this site, you know I believe wine is fine on any juice cleanse, so I do have that loophole.)
Today I took Keith’s class at the Lotus which was delightful, a perfect blend of stretchy and sweaty with one significant assist in supta-virasana that I loved.
Then home in time to pick up Jonah (eight years-old) for our beach walk with Susan and Belle.  This was quite extended today so his dad Clark could do some work, including a trip to the wave organ as a grand finale.  [By the way, since Belle often goes through several sticks on a beach walk with her endless swimming and fetch, I am collecting them compulsively as we stroll.  Today we began with two “starter sticks,” loosing two to the tides, but picking up five more.  I can only sigh and accept that I have somehow become that great eccentric walking along the beach with a bag of sticks for my dog to fetch under any circumstances.]
Dinner with Susan’s friend Ray at PLANT which was somehow spectacularly festive and delightful.  Belle created a typical sensation.
Last night at Hillstone, at least 10 people complimented her, including a Pierce Brosnan look-alike who just came up to our table and began caressing at ground level unsolicitedly;  tonight, as she entered, the manager ran to the kitchen to get her some fresh chicken, a child fed her half a loaf of bread, and a woman named Monique approached and said that she’d fallen in love with Belle from across the bar.
I have many more thoughts about many more things, but tonight just a simple summary will have to do, until I wake up tomorrow and head to the DMV, no doubt beginning my juice cleanse while applying for a temporary resident’s parking permit –– that is until I remember the fabulous dinner plans I’ve already made.
But then again, tomorrow may be the day I fully take advantage of my red wine loophole.

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