We Lost An Entire Day This Week

I had an entirely different newsletter planned but I lost an entire day this week. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde’s line about parents in The Importance Of Being Earnest: To lose a few hours may be regarded as a misfortune; To lose an entire day looks like carelessness. Yet nonetheless that’s what happened with Vlad’s first … Read more

Who Could Forget Mr. Wiggles?

New Meditation of the Month Is HERE Newest Puppy Pics are HERE. Astrology is obviously complete nonsense…and yet annoyingly it’s almost always completely accurate. This Mercury Retrograde period was incredibly brutal on pretty much everyone. (Just ask Facebook!) My website began having minor posting problems and then completely collapsed. It took about 20 hours and … Read more

Oops: I Forgot to Pack My Parachute!

New Meditation of the Month Is HERE For the last four years, every morning I’ve drawn an Angel Card from the app, usually before getting out of bed. There have been many dazzling synchronicities and tons of helpful reminders. And yet I find the Angel Card for this month––Faith––slightly terrifying. Does having faith really require … Read more


This meditation is 7 minutes with an extra 6 minutes more of music by my talented friend David Buchs. You can stream it here or download in the link below.

Adventures from the (Almost) Penthouse

FREE Offer • Evaporates After One Week • HERE It may have been the most romantic moment I have ever experienced. There was definitely a Romeo & Juliet feel to it all. It happened this Thursday when my puppy Vladimir and Cha Cha and I were out on my terrace. Vlad loves pretty much everyone but––let’s … Read more

Here’s What the Exterminator Said

New Free Event(s) are HERE 12 Minute Yoga is HERE Cute Puppy Pics are HERE His arrival was akin to when they bring back a contestant on The Bachelor. All eyes on him. Everyone whispering his name. Clips of bad behavior from past episodes to refresh our TV memories. Except in this case, Vlad was … Read more


I’m not gonna lie. I often play favorites. And I definitely have a favorite dog in my building. Her name is Dua, a puppy named after the British pop sensation Dua Lipa. There’s just something about her, a particular flavor of sweetness perhaps, that reminds me of my dearly departed Belle. I’m embarrassingly gushy whenever … Read more

The Brooklyn Chainsaw Massacre

New Meditation of the Month is HERE. I’m NOT a big fan of horror movies. (Even though––at my most self-indulgently dramatic––I sometimes feel like I might be living in one.) I’ve never seen the classic slasher film The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. (The poster’s tagline is “Who Will Survive and What Will be Left of … Read more

Backward Walking Chickens

New Meditation of the Month is HERE. Please tell me if you can relate to this: “When I was six I had a chicken that walked backwardand was in the Pathe News.I was in it too with the chicken.I was just there to assist the chickenbut it was the high point in my life.Everything since … Read more