Sorry, but 2022’s Highlight Passed

For better or worse, given how amazing this past Friday was, the rest of 2022 seems destined as anticlimax. Vlad and Malibu (and their other puppy friends) experienced their first real snowfall. At 7am that morning, the baseball field was suddenly Studio 54, the only party in town. And the joy was unprecedented. You can … Read more

A Dash of Witchcraft is Always Welcome

My New Year’s Eves have run the spectrum from outrageous and extravagant black tie fêtes to asleep-by-11 pm pajama parties. Some of my favorites, though, were over a decade ago when for several years I taught a 10pm to midnight yoga class. Probably 75% of the class was my usual blend of music and movement … Read more

The Courage of Our Mistakes

It wasn’t planned. And that’s perhaps what made it all the more magical. But this Christmas morning, Vlad and his best friend Malibu were the only dogs in the baseball field (the one we pretend is a dog park). And HERE is what ensued. I’m not sure why they were the only dogs there. It … Read more

A Boundary That Can’t Be Broken

Training a puppy––and by extension, romantic partners, co-workers, and family members––is all about setting boundaries. Some of these boundaries are obvious. Take, for example, successful housebreaking rules. Others––such as exuberant greeting jumps––feel more nebulous. Many are wildly delighted by such behavior, yet nonetheless one should really consider curbing it before a St. Bernard is fully … Read more

A Truly Unusual Problem

New Offering HERE (discount code: LoveLanguage) Three New Puppy Videos HERE It was definitely one of the quirkiest jobs I’ve ever had.  It was only a few years after college. I was struggling to pay off my student loans whereas a friend of a friend had already made a killing in investment banking. He was a … Read more

The Scariest Person I’ve Met

December’s Meditation is HERE. She was perhaps the fiercest, most terrifying person I’ve ever met. And she was maybe at most 5 feet tall. Namtely, Mother Marie Arthur, the principal of my Catholic Junior High School. Trust me, I have A LOT of stories…but one of her catchphrases (when yelling at you) still resonates today: … Read more

To Grandmother’s House We Go!

This was a week of milestones. Less perhaps for me than Vlad. Most of them centered around transportation. For example, his first subway ride. This was followed by the first of 3 Uber-Pet Rides. Will he get 5 stars? (And, by the way, until last month, I had no idea that Uber-Pet was a thing…you … Read more

Earthworms & Puppy Sleepovers

Every morning, I draw various oracle cards. I use Angel, Animal Spirit, Tarot, and Kabbalah decks. To be honest, I’ll accept helpful guidance from the Universe however I can get it. Whenever I draw the Earthworm Animal Spirit card, though, I just shake my head and sigh. I want Eagles and Hawks, something that soars…or … Read more