The Miracle Doesn’t Expire At Midnight

This week I got an email from a self-help guru whose mailing list I’m on with this subject line:  “Your Miracle Expires At Midnight!”
This phrase seemed so ridiculously aggressive that I off-handedly emailed them back and said, “Please stop threatening me!”
I certainly didn’t expect a response but I got one the next day from an underling explaining how they were in no way trying to threaten me and so forth.  But honestly, “Your Miracle Expires at Midnight” does seem needlessly ominous. [Do MIRACLES even have expiration dates?  Are they more or less like milk cartons, with a highly specific shelf life?]
I had a wonderful long conversation today with Katherine, where we actually talked about many such inter-related concepts –– including that she’s doing one of this guy’s courses (I’m not saying his name because I haven’t decided yet if I want to promote or not, so I feel non-specificity is best.)
Both of us are really drawn to all this self-actualization stuff, but today I started listening to another marketing guru’s How To Create Your Platinum Program CDs (6 hours worth) and stopped after 2 minutes, feeling overwhelmed by it all.  [“Ask yourself ‘Do I want to have a Platinum Life?'” … well, I suppose so but …]
Part of what I’m working on as an Emotional Projecter is learning how to manage the WAITING process best –– to find The Beauty In Waiting, as it were –– and I just wonder if all this seminar stuff is helpful or harmful.
IE, is everything already perfectly in place and it’s just a matter of time?  All I need to do is to NOT open the door to the oven right now and all will rise perfectly?
[And in some ways that’s true:  my novel has been optioned by an A-list Hollywood person, various agents at the biggest agency now have it in their hands, and an Oscar-winning producer has come on board –– there’s really NOTHING strategic I can possibly think of doing to improve the situation.  Yet still, I feel like I should be doing SOMETHING productive and pro-active to further my goal.]
Katherine had a good point about how if this kind of seminar work strengthens your belief system then it should be very helpful.  I think that’s 100% true, but whenever I start down this path it seem like a rabbit hole of marketing tricks and tips that lead to endless self-improvement, strengthening the notion that All Is NOT Well and that continual make-overs are needed.
Tomorrow, I may just listen to a good chunk of the CDs –– Yes, I DO want to have a Platinum Life –– but I’m going to see if I can do it without feeling like the right shade of navy in my logo or the perfect email subject line is going to change my marketing universe and therefore my life.
I’d like to have everything fine-tuned from a marketing perspective, with all the right bells and whistles, but not view slick promotion as the key to my success.
[There’s a saying from several of our LOA teachers that even if you’re a hermit living on a roof, if you have something that’s energetically right for people, they will find a way to your door.]
Most importantly –– and I am noting that it’s already 11:05 ––  I’m just going to trust that My Miracle does NOT Expire at Midnight, tonight or any other night.

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  1. So enjoyed this post Edward! (Although the 4:00 AM naked guy post was just as enjoyable!)
    Being a weight loss coach, I sometimes see parallels in my enlightment quest to the diet quests so many of my clients have been on. They find a new diet and/or exercise regime that completely inspires them, implement it for a few weeks or, in some cases, hours, then are left with the familiar feeling of “Well, I thought that was ‘it’. Better keep looking…”
    Curiously enough, or maybe not, the marketing ploys are all so similar in nature, whether they are selling a Platinum Life or a HCG Platinum Diet Plan (yes, there is such a thing). I guess it is exactly why I am not inspired to use the marketing status quo when it comes to marketing my own book and coaching. I feel like it would almost discredit the powerful uniqueness of what I’m offering. But I digress…
    I am now translating my own weight loss coaching advice to my enlightenment journey. I tell my clients to put away the weight scales and replace them with pleasure scales. Put away the exercise machines and move your body to music and/or sex and/or walks on the beach. Rather than choosing your food out of fear for calories, carbs, or chemicals, choose your food out of fierce intention to enjoy.
    In other words, stop looking for more processes, programs, and proof to get where you want to go. You know this already. The practice (and the magic) is simply staying tapped into feeling good.

    1. Susanna, I love your comment!
      It’s so true –– as a friend posted on The Face Place about this entry, “Maybe the Platinum Life is HERE and NOW.”
      Since we’re constantly being over-sold, I think the purity of all that we really need to do — FEELING GOOD through ALIGNMENT — can baffle us in its SIMPLICITY.
      THANKS FOR READING — (and no doubt there will be more naked guys at 4 am!)

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