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His arrival was akin to when they bring back a contestant on The Bachelor.

All eyes on him.

Everyone whispering his name.

Clips of bad behavior from past episodes to refresh our TV memories.

Except in this case, Vlad was a new arrival, making his first superstar entrance at our building’s rooftop dog park.

You see, everyone knew his name already because everyone knew the story of his reunion with his sister Dua.

(There’s actually a WhatsApp chat group with 57 members for the dog park.)

And if you want to see video of Vlad and Dua playing together for the first time and more, they’re HERE.

The first week with Vlad has been spectacular.

He’s perfect.

That is, provided your definition of “perfect” includes being completely un-housebroken.

He does have many incredible virtues.

I particularly like that he’s both immensely and athletically playful and can switch gears instantly to being a superb cuddler.

In addition, he really does believe he’s helping the elevator door to open with a little gentle nudging.

(There’s a video of that, too HERE).

He is, however, a major DISRUPTOR and definitely in the positive business-speak sense as well as the traditional one.

In fact, his completely unexpected appearance in my life a week ago has created a unique vantage point, one from which I can watch deadlines whooshing right past me, one after another.

Of course his delightful presence makes everything totally worth it, even though my continued negligence to work obligations will soon seriously jeopardize his recently established college fund.

There is an unexpected insight from all this disruption, however.

It’s completely renewed and amplified the value of what I’m sharing.

Specifically, 12-Minute Yoga HERE.

The program is designed for very busy people (especially those who can’t touch their toes).

The ones who know they need yoga but don’t have time to change clothes and drive to a class and back.

People who aren’t comfortable with incense or chanting.

Or those who are worried they’re not flexible enough.

And especially the folks who feel that even the idea of self-care just adds to their stress level.

 Believe me…I get it. 

With an un-housebroken puppy that I’m trying to take out every two hours, that’s basically been my life this past week:

·    An extension request for a project.

·    Drastically cutting down (or out) all workouts except teaching yoga.

·    And turning down all social invitations that require leaving my home.

Significantly, I’m only doing about 20% of the outreach I’d planned for this launch,hoping I’d made the right calculus around the 80/20 rule.

Oddly, though, this has somehow reduced my stress level because it’s actually left me more grounded.

I’ll tell you why.

In an interview a lifetime ago, I rattled on about how my ideal creative situation would be living with my dog in a lighthouse.

Separate from the outside world.

Misty walks along the stormy shoreline (like in The French Lieutenant’s Woman).

Freed from mundane obligations, my focus entirely on my work.

And yet deep within, I know that will never happen.

The World––saying “The World” that way almost posits that I’m not part of it––will always intrude.

Of course, a vacation with minimal checking-in is possible in theory.

But right now, a Walden Pond-level sabbatical just isn’t.

Yet the paradox is that every time I embrace the hard-cold reality that I won’t have a romantic wide window of time to be creative, that I need to gratefully grab whatever moments I have between the cracks…I actually get things done.

Sometimes, in other words, with a puppy nipping at your heels, 12 minutes is all you have.

But the real surprise is that by flowing with the disruption, provided they’re consistent, those 12 minutes can create miracles.

This week I was supposed to schedule a dozen or more 12 Minute FB & IG lives around this project.

And I totally failed to get that done.

Some amazing friends of mine have agreed to do them.

I’ll name names later but they include:

·    Supermodels & Broadway Stars

·    Business Coaches & Channels of Higher-Dimensional Beings

·    Bestselling Transformational Authors & Ayurvedic Health Coaches

·    And more…

We’re going to chat for 12 minutes each about wellness and yoga and spirit and transformation from their point of view and mine (and Vladimir’s).

These 12 minute-chats are going to happen in the next 10 days or so.

(I just have to find 12 minutes to schedule them!)

If you want to get that info once I do, sign up HERE.

And again––I’m going to clock each one out at 12 minutes…not just because it’s “on brand”…but also because as a single puppy dad, that’s all the time I have!

The subject line of this email mentioned an exterminator and what he had to say.

Here’s the story:

This happened over a decade ago when Belle was young and frisky.

I was directing an Off-Broadway show I’d co-written and the theater manager approached me.

Even though Belle had been with me during the entire rehearsal process, since the exterminator would be using some traps and sprays that were not dog-friendly, I was told she couldn’t be in the theater any longer.

Dismayed––Belle was an essential part of the creative journey––I asked to speak to him.

Within about 2 minutes, I didn’t have to say anything.

Belle’s presence did all the talking.

The exterminator just shrugged and said:

“OK, I get it.

A dog like that can take away a lot of sorrow.”

He committed to finding other solutions and did.

I’m remembering that moment now with Vlad.

He’s also a dog that can take away a lot of sorrow.

Ultimately, any disruption is a small price to pay––even if you only get to work in 12 highly focused minute segments––for that sweet relief.

Maybe you’ll find that with a pup of your own, or in 12 Minute Yoga, or in one of the Live Events.

Namaste for Now….


·    20% off the program HERE with discount code TeamVladimir.

(And $200 to you for anyone you forward this to who signs up.)

·    If you want info on the 12 Facebook & IG Lives, sign up HERE.

·    Perhaps most importantly, Puppy Pictures are HERE.

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