Adventures from the (Almost) Penthouse

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It may have been the most romantic moment I have ever experienced.

There was definitely a Romeo & Juliet feel to it all.

It happened this Thursday when my puppy Vladimir and Cha Cha and I were out on my terrace.

Vlad loves pretty much everyone but––let’s be honest––he does have a particular crush on Suzannah, our awesome upstairs neighbor.

Suzannah and Maurice’s terrace looks down on ours (see pic below) and when she called out a cheery “Hello,” Vlad pretty much couldn’t believe it.

His puppy mind was blown. 

How was it possible his crush lived directly above him?

Vlad immediately jumped up on a chair, and then the table itself, passionately (perhaps even desperately) trying to find a way to get up to Suzannah, one flight above, waving from her balcony.

Fortunately, it took only a simple invite for her and Maurice to come down for drinks.

Vlad was delighted and I’m glad to say that there was only minimal heartbreak when the evening ended.

(Parting is, after all, such sweet sorrow).

That level of passionate curiosity and delight is entirely how Vladimir rolls.

And it’s absolutely inspiring.

Vlad & my terrace is on the top left of the X. Suzannah & Vlad’s Balcony Moment was directly above

Alongside enthusiasm, I believe one of the best qualities in a puppy is curiosity.

Absolutely EVERYTHING is interesting.

And that’s why Vlad and his fellow pups are so outrageously happy.

The Sufi-inspired modern philosopher A.H. Almaas writes extensively on the strong connection between curiosity and joy.

“You are free every moment that you are completely curious. You’re completely in love, and who are you in love with? Who knows? You’re just in love.” 

Indeed, that’s what my little dog’s life is like.

Through his inexhaustible curiosity, each and every moment, he’s falling in love again and again.

With Suzannah (of course), but also with the feather he finds on the street, or the twig on our terrace, or the empty paper bag after a Trader Joe’s run.

It’s all infinitely interesting.

And it’s all a source of seemingly inexhaustible joy.

One of the most interesting things about a yoga (or any spiritual or creative) practice is that ideally it’s founded upon curiosity.

It’s about wanting to know more, to experience something new.

Rather than recycling the past, it’s about investigating and exploring the present.

It requires being open to adventure.

And with humans it sometimes means being willing to step into unknown territories, ones where we are not always comfortable, much less experts.

The price of that small amount of discomfort, however, is infinitely worth it.

Again, as Almaas writes:

“When we are curious we are completely whole, happy. We are engaged in something that frees the heart and mind without even seeking that freedom. The process itself is the freedom. You are free every moment that you are completely curious.

It’s in that spirit, that curiosity = freedom equation, that I’m issuing the following invitation:

Today we’re officially launching 12 Minute Yoga.

It’s an 8-week online course.

I don’t now whether to call it a “soft launch” or a “beta test” since there will be a new (more expensive) incarnation in January to ruthlessly capitalize on everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions.

Right now, I’m just promoting to my list and via a few dear friends.

In January, there’s an ad budget and big time affiliate partners etc. etc.

But…just in case you’re curious, I’m happy to completely open the doors to the first week completely for free HERE.

After that, you can continue if you purchase…or it will simply evaporate.

I’m not even going to take your credit card number since I cannot exhaust my poor Operations Manager Nellie with refunding you if you forget to drop out.

There are absolutely no strings attached, in other words.

So…if you’re CURIOUS and want to explore some yoga together with me and Vlad,a free week of yoga is HERE.

Wrapping up…and to get a little Meta…

I’m genuinely curious what will happen with this promotion.

In the last two weeks as a Single Puppy Dad, we’ve mastered crate training and (fingers crossed) seemingly housebreaking.

Yet because of this, 90% my promotional plans have fallen by the wayside.

And I don’t really care.

I’m having an incredible adventure with Vlad.

I’m consumed by curiosity about him.

(In other words, I’m totally in love.)

Or as Emily Dickinson wrote:

I find ecstasy in living––

the mere sense of living is joy enough.

And whether it’s new puppy or a yoga practice I hope you find something that makes you feel that way, too.

Namaste for Now,

If you want to watch some of the super-fun conversations I’ve had about wellness lately, they’re in my IG reels HERE.

I have another half dozen scheduled for this week including ones with Legendary Supermodel Veronica Webb, Broadway Stars like Cristy Candler, and Bravo Real Housewives Stylist Cha Cha Lopez (a particularly bitter rival with Suzannah for Vlad’s affection).

And once again, if you want the FREE week of 12 Minute Yoga, you just have to leave your email HERE.

(But HONESTLY PLEASE DON’T BOTHER…unless you’re genuinely curious about what that adventure might bring!)

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