Platinum Delusions and Christmas Miracles

I have listened to four hours of Platinum Marketing today –– only another two hours to go and I am complete –– and I’m sorta totally into it and at the same time playing iphone scrabble constantly and tidying up small stacks of books and papers, and feeling a little dizzy and delusional.
[Writing this blog-writing is my “scheduled break,” although I will also watch a 20 minute episode of 30 Rock which seems more than earned.]
I do think there’s pure genius in the marketing materials, but about 15 minutes worth of genius if properly distilled.  I’m wading through it though because I actually do think those 15 minutes (Warhol-style) are worth it.  [Anyone who wants to get those 15 minutes worth of value from me, need only take my immanent Platinum Program.]
Perhaps I am also feeling off because the day began at 4am when Belle woke me up, more or less I think because she was bored and wanted to have some fun.  I took her out but she didn’t seem particularly bathroom-minded.  We returned to bed at 4:20, she elated and me still fuzzy.
A 5am text arrived from an East Coaster about the July/August Florida project.
My mood brightened when Bay Woof emailed to say that the Belle article looks great and asked where could they send my magazine copies.
And then … a true Christmas Miracle, the first of two, occurred.
A check I have been waiting for –– and if you’ve read any of the last few dozen blogs you know that WAITING is my Cosmic Challenge –– arrived.  [The details of the delays are dreary;  all that’s pertinent is that given all the highly specific and unique circumstances, this was a fascinating manifestation of a chance to wait with serenity and I scored a solid and objective C+.]
Belle and I sauntered off to pick the check up, and unable to decide between listening to more Platinum Marketing and the latest Crackpot workshops Dan emailed me last night, I opted for super-upbeat gospel.
Belle, in full service dog regalia, created a mini-sensation in the usually sedate financial office on the top floor with glorious views (a place with relatively few humans yet more monitors than NASA scrolling data about various international markets.)  Amazing to see how one adorable chocolate lab could unite a small group of people.
Returning home and then — between hours 2 and 3 of marketing CDs — Belle and I traveled to the Mailbox store, where the second Christmas Miracle, one totally unexpected, arrived.
I was actually on the phone with Dan when I entered, opened my mailbox, and saw my Xmas card from him and my incredible gift:  he’d tracked down the cupcake booth outside my writing office and specifically arranged for several gift certificates for me (meaning that otherwise such gift certificates do not exist; he made this Miracle happen.  Amazing, right?)
If there’s one thing that’s going to lure my Inner Child back and get me through Platinum Marketing, it’s cupcakes.
And now I have about 20 bought and paid for in my future.
God Bless Us All, Everyone.

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