Misery Loves Company

Today, I found myself WAITING for either of my private client’s two secretaries to call me back about a lesson, but decided to take the leap of faith and just charge out to Oakland for lunch with Amy Ahlers.
Amy has become a real friend this fall, which is remarkable given that her book launch happened in October, a launch that got her to #1 in lots of different Amazon categories and other bestseller lists.
She offered to not only endorse UPWARD DOG, but also volunteered to do a promo video with me and a mailing to her list (which is about 40 times larger than mine).
So today we filmed a little segment in one take on her front steps involving both our dogs, and next week it goes out into the universe.
This was not my only promotional video in the last 12 hours, however, in that Cyrene and I Skype edited the latest for UPWARD DOG (which is my favorite).
Here’s the link to the actual video (it’s 1:08, which I also love):  CLICK HERE.
[THANK YOU again Cyrene for such an awesome and magical collaboration!]
Amy was full of amazing ideas for my career at lunch (she is a true GENERATOR, always inspiring), and then we returned to her home where her first ever TRANSFORMATION game had arrived.
Now, if you’ve been reading the blog, you know that Susan and I are utterly devoted to Transformation (the game and the process) and frankly, it is INSANELY FUN to play with us.
Amy and I did a mini-version of the game (sort of like a short tarot card reading) where we each drew an Insight, a Setback, another Insight to respond to the setback and one angel card.
As before, when I played with Sarah Herrington, Amy and I each drew the same setback:  MISERY LOVES COMPANY.
Now Michael tells me that the odds of two people each picking the same card from a deck of 100 is 1 in 10,000 (100 x 100).  I’m not sure what the odds of it happening twice would be, but if I understand the basic concept of how the zeros are multiplied, it’s the odds for 2 events where the odds are 1 in 10,000 happening twice — so is that 1 in 100,000,000?  [Anyone who’s really good at math can feel free to correspond and correct me].
In any case, there was great irony to “Misery Love Company” given that we had an entirely delightful time –– I was Amy’s “hooky” from the demands of being a #1 best-selling author –– but I got what the Universe was telling me:
Again, it’s all about Law of Attraction.
Not just real people, but  moody, negative, miserable thoughts LOVE company.  It’s so easy for them to grow and multiply.  They enjoy it, in fact.
And here’s what’s even more ironic:
Susan awoke at 2:40 am from a dream and sent me this email:

Woke up to two baby Belle puppies by my bedside, licking me awake.
Belle was there too, and I asked her how this could possibly be happening.
She said, "If you believe, you can have more of anything that's good."

So both the lovely email I woke up to and the potential setback as well –– are offering me the same message:
BELLE/MISERY both love company.
It’s really up to me what I’m focusing on (and who I’m focusing with!)

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