CT for PUPPIES (and family)

Sunday in CT for family reunions and to see HOPE — awesome new black lab puppy of my sister. Took tons of video footage of Hope and Belle for editing into the book promo video reel — and for my own pleasure. The very noisy rental car got me there and back in record time … Read more

Stoney End

So many themes this summer, particularly on a cultural level.  It seemed EVERY movie or TV show we watched directly referenced DIRTY DANCING (seriously, it happened a dozen times, culminating in a tribute scene in CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE.) Another was STONEY END — first the Barbra version, then a discussion by Seth Rudetsky, then a … Read more

I can’t explain

Why this photo is so great — but it just is … On our near final day in NAPLES, I have perfected the quirkiest tour ever (“here is the place where I mailed that definitive letter to X”) and Adrian and I are now celebrating the last mailing here with another definitive mailing.  The Finale:  … Read more

So Restful

Amazing to have this time off. A matinee yesterday (for $8) of CRAZY, STUPID, LOVE (again more Ryan Gosling consideration happening). DEAD AGAIN on netflix for the evening entertainment. Took a series of photographs of the Beach House (can’t believe we are leaving on Saturday after 2 months) to remember this amazing, amazing time.   (How … Read more

The American President/(Incepted!)

Another super-relaxed day as we wind up time at the Beach House. After a morning of my learning endless ins and outs of WordPress, we watched THE AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Later in the evening INCEPTION (which A had not seen and I find confusing for all sorts of reasons) followed by the most recent MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER. … Read more

The Notebook

Rainy day at the beach house and watched THE NOTEBOOK with Adrian and Belle to see if Ryan Gosling would excel in the lead for the new script.  The answer:  a resounding “YES.”