Things You’re Not Allowed to Say

New Meditation of the Month is HERE. By the time you read this, it will all be over. And by that I mean the drama (or not), I’ve been anticipating / dreading for months now. Usually, I write these posts sitting safely at my desk in my writing office. Today I’m working on a train, … Read more

Vulnerability is THE Worst

New Meditation of the Month is HERE. I’m facing SEVERAL upcoming conversations I’d give almost anything to avoid. So much so, that some might argue that’s why for several days this week I developed a condition where it was nearly impossible to eat or drink anything. Any kind of speaking was painful. As I write … Read more

Step Back (to Step Up)

Simone Biles did what was right for her last week and I don’t know how you can’t just applaud someone who prioritizes their own well being. (But apparently there’s a small minority of critics who can’t.) I’ve often written about the wisdom of this kind of choice in various courses and books. Specifically,the all-important first … Read more

Mt. Fuji is Missing

Here’s the update about the puzzle. But first, let’s get a little lofty and quote Søren Kierkegaard: Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience.”  Thus… Here’s where we started last Sunday… And here’s where we finished… It’s true that the chattiest memberof our party suggested a “short break,” ostensibly … Read more

The Suspense is Terrible

As Oscar Wilde wrote in The Importance of Being Earnest: “The suspense is terrible. I hope it will last.” Unfortunately, it won’t. In just a few hours from now on this very Sunday, July 18th, I’ll finally have my answer. That is, I’ll know if 6 people can finish a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle in … Read more

Trains Can Make Your Head Explode

First, I have to thank everyone for the flood of birthday wishes. It’s always meaningful to hear from people reading these newsletters but especially during joyous or difficult times. (And last week was a potent mixture of both.) Second, although I shared a few photos from my drop back experience, I realize I forgot to … Read more

The Odds Are Literally 1 in 100 Million

New Meditation of the Month is HERE It’s been quite a week. It was my birthday. And I also got gut-punched. (Emotionally, not literally––although the physical experience felt pretty much the same.) I was forced to grieve several significant losses. Simultaneously, major new opportunities opened up. (I may be delusional, but it all felt very … Read more

Alas, My Father Had No Catchphrases

This weekI got a little jealous while reading several Father’s Day newsletters from my friends and colleagues. Apparently, their dads had so many wise sayings they had to narrow it down to 4 or 5 pearls of wisdom. Yet after several conversations with various relatives, I’m sad to report my father had no pithy catchphrases. … Read more

Oprah Was Right (and I was Wrong)

FB Live Replay is HERE. Oprah got the pronouns right. With their message of positivity and self-acceptance,red-lipsticked Jeffrey Marsh is a master of video.––O Magazine–– And I got them wrong. This Wednesday, as we were waiting in the electronic green room on standby, eager for our Facebook Live session to start, there was a technical … Read more